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Fan Fiction #1 : Princess Katara

Intentionally bad fic. Be warned.


Once upon a time, in the faraway magical land of Asia, lived a beautiful chocolate princess, named Katara.  Sadly the beauty bestowed upon her was a curse cursed from the magical crazy old man named Bumi. She was so sexy, that it only took one look from all the men in Asia to fall madly in love with her. Alas, the love was never real for they loved her beauteous blessings, not the real Katara, inside. Sadly she was betrothed to evil king named Azulo. He was particularly evil and mean, especially in bed. One fateful day she was so angry at him she threw royal divorce papers at Azulos face. He got a paper cut and died.

She was sad, and lonely. She was so sad and very lonely that she decided to take a trip to the airbending monks in asia. They weren't really men since they all had their dongs cut off. She knew she wouldn't have a problem finding love.


As she lone-ly strolled upwards on the mountains towards the monk temples, a man with an un-known name popped up behind the bushes. She grinned a toothless smile and exclaimed "Hi! I'm Aang!" she exclaimed. She was instantly smitten.


They strolled during midnightsummerseve exchanging tidbits of their lives. Hers, the rich princcess kind, and his the poor monks side. After 5 minutes of the useless information they were babbling, something very important was brought up.

Gasp. Aang exclaimed 'Your how much older than me!?' he said as manly tears ran down his cheeks and welled up in his large innocent gray eyes that saw through Katara's soul.
It was such a sad seen that Katara started crying too.
Knowing the kingdom of Asia would never approve of their age difference they decided to go hand in hand, plunge to their death and become lovers for ever and ever, in the spirit world as all true lovers do.

The end.
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